Why Go Solar?

Investing in solar power for your home will benefit not only your financial health, but also the environmental health of the world we call home. Solar power puts the power of electric back in your hands and lessens, if not completely replaces, your dependance on an electric company and their ever increasing prices. Although it is true that we cannot control the weather or the sun, we can work with the technology of solar and allow it to work for us in any season.


Solar gives you an option to “own” your electricity generation. This also means that you are positively contributing to the battle against rising carbon emissions. This is one way to leave this earth better than we found it for the next generation.

Why go Solar
men installing solar panels

Solar is growing. The cost to install solar dropped by more than 75% over the past decade. Around 4% of homes in the U.S. are powered by solar energy (SEIA – Solar Energy Industries Association). Solar energy can put money back in your pocket and add value to your home.


Solar power allows utility power customers to rely on their own production, from a renewable source that they own, and at a rate that will only decrease over time. Solar is the only home improvement that increases property value and saves money simultaneously.


To Convert to Solar


Rising energy costs (they’ve doubled over the past 20 years) and looming grid upgrades/repairs will hit us hard over the next few years.


Cost of solar has decreased by about 75% over the past 10-15 years. Federal tax credit covers 30% of the cost.


What you pay to generate electricity via solar is now cheaper than paying your utility company.


Net Metering! Get full credit for any excess energy production.


Ease of solar-specific financing, which is transferable if you sell your home.


Combat GHG emissions! More than a third of emissions result from the burning of fossil fuels for electricity usage in buildings and homes.