Frequently Asked Questions About Solar

How do I use my 30% Federal Solar Tax credit?

  • Home or business owners can often take advantage of a 30% tax credit on your federal taxes the year your system is installed. Take your TGE Solar contract to your accountant or CPA who will complete IRS Form 5695. If you are doing your own taxes, this form should be built into the software you’re using, along with instructions on how to complete it. If you have further questions, please seek the professional advice of an accountant or CPA.

Is it normal to receive alerts that my solar panels aren’t operating properly when it’s snowing?

  • Yes, when your panels are covered with snow, you may receive alerts from the system. This is to be expected, and once the snow melts, your panels will return to normal.

What happens at night or during the periods of the year that the sun isn’t out as much?

  • In most states, utility companies provide a program called “Net Metering.” This allows a homeowner to overproduce electricity during the day and in the months with the most sunshine.
  • The excess electricity generated will build as credits in your utility account and you will be able to pull from those credits at night and during the less sunny periods of the year. The goal is to end up at a “wash” each year.

When is the right time to install a solar system?

  • In particular, when you’ve put on a new roof is an ideal time to install solar, as the panels are warranted for 25 years and could last much longer since there are no moving parts. Within a particular year, there is no “bad” time, but it is ideal to install your system during the spring or summer to build up your excess energy production credits to get you through the winter/early spring.

What does an ideal home for solar look like?

  • Not every home is perfect for solar and that’s okay! We work with you to determine if your home would be a good fit for solar. If you have recently replaced your roof and you don’t have any larger trees hanging over your house, you have a great shot of being a good candidate for solar.

How many years do solar panels generate power?

  • Our panels are guaranteed to output at a certain level through year 25. However, this does not mean that they stop producing electricity after year 25, in reality most panels will still produce 85%+ of the energy they were producing in year 1!

Do I need to worry about solar panels with bad weather?

  • Most solar panels are warranted against the weight of ~4 feet of snow, 140mph winds and 1” of hail. Anything beyond that is also covered by homeowner’s insurance in most cases. Definitely speak to your insurance agent for more details.

What is Net Metering?

  • Net metering is an electricity billing mechanism that allows the homeowner to be billed for the “net” amount of energy used. The homeowner receives credits for the electricity that is added to the grid. Net metering is available in most states, but please ask us about your specific location.

Will my property taxes go up because of solar?

  • Solar panels do not increase property taxes in most US states.

Will solar installation damage my roof?

  • Leaks or damages are extremely rare as proper installation will actually add a third layer of protection to those areas of your roof!
  • In the rare situation that your roof is damaged, we’ve got you covered through our workmanship warranty.